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Progressive Duets in High Range Practice for Horn

Upper range expansion is one of the most challenging parts of beginning study on the horn. The means in which higher pitches are introduced through horn methods or wind band studies are accompanied by a multitude of additional technical skills for students to practice.  Although these introductions of notes occur in step-wise motion, upward extension is rushed, with new notes instituted frequently with few written exercises to rehearse new pitches. As a result, young students struggle with performing in the upper range required by music studied in methods or wind band classes.

I developed a progressive series of exercises to allow more accessible performance in the high range of the horn through implementation of duets in all harmonic series. Concepts are introduced sequentially, allowing the student to perform exercises that ascend in range and enabling practice in high range expansion by transposition of exercises to higher harmonic series. A teacher or peer can perform alongside the student on each etude to provide engagement for the student with harmonic counterpoint.

This book is geared towards younger students and their teachers, but provide challenges to all ages of horn players!  Each duet can be transposed from C horn (fingering 1, 3) up to Bb alto horn (fingering Trigger open) to continually move the range higher without the constant switching of valves in ascending key signatures.  The student and teacher can play these duets together and enjoy practicing with another person while acquiring the skills necessary to ascend in range by working in the harmonic series of the horn.

Check out my article about the book in the May 2017 edition of the Horn Call!

This book is available directly from me, so please contact me through my contact page to get REACHING HIGHER!

Hard Copy (includes shipping): $20

PDF (emailed directly to you): $12

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