Compositions / Arrangements

Dr. Phillips has written original works and arranged for One Instrument and Piano, Unaccompanied Horn, Two Horns (with Ensemble and Piano), Horn, Tuba, and Piano, Horn Quartet, Horn Quintet, Horn Octet, Woodwind Quintet, Brass Choir, Low Brass Trio and Concert Band.  Please click on available Youtube links to hear performances of these works and contact me to play any piece on this page!


"Solemn Trails for Horn and Piano" (2019) NEW!

This piece was written in the winter months of 2019 after a particularly gray and rainy period, in which the sun barely came out.  I noticed how different everyone's mood was in the sun's absence and wrote a piece to commemorate this feeling.  As well, this piece is indicative of the paths we take in life, remembering that we all travel solemn trails at times, but they all resolve into sunlit and bright courses if we continue moving forward.  This piece is perfect for younger players or for those wishing to fill out their solo recitals with something lyrical and beautiful for the audience to enjoy.   With a range of F#3 to G5, anyone can find enjoyment performing this work!

"Constellations for Horn and Piano" (2017) NEW!

I. Lyra:

II. Aerostaticus:

III. Volano:

This piece was written in three movements for horn and piano in description of three old constellations out in the galaxy.  The constellation Lyra is often depicted as a vulture or eagle with a lyre, reflected in the lyrical quality of the movement.  Aerostaticus translates from Latin as "hot air balloon", with this movement as a light waltz that feels like it is gently floating along in the sky.  Volano is taken from the constellation Volans, depicted as a flying fish, and is written heavily in Lydian mode to reflect a constantly lifted feeling.  The piece ends mysteriously in a cluster chord as if the flying fish has zoomed far away towards the edge of the galaxy.

"Celtic Sketches for Trumpet and Piano" (2017) NEW!

*also available for Horn and Piano

I. Ancient Tale:

II. Highland Hymn:

III. Reel:


This work was originally written for trumpet and piano in three movements, but has been arranged for horn and piano  The work lasts approximately 12-13 minutes and lays in a very accomplishable range for the player.  The work evokes the many moods and ideas associated with the Celtic tradition that will liven up any recital program with this exciting programmatic theme!

"Peregrination" (2014) 

(James Naigus, horn and Drew Phillips, piano)


Dedicated to James Naigus, this work travels through a variety of styles throughout the course of the piece.  The piece begins with a lyrical horn line, with the melody traveling through an expedition that develops into a fast-paced and exciting finale.  The collaboration between the horn and piano amounts to an exciting work that fills out any performance. 

"A Western Fantasy" (2013)

(Live Recording - James Naigus, horn and Drew Phillips, piano)



Comprised of two sections, this solo is great for a beginning student who wants to play an exciting work with a limited range.  The beginning section features a "lazy cowboy" theme with many opportunities for pitch bending with the hand in the bell.  This builds and culminates into the rapidly paced second section, featuring runs in the horn part that lie extremely well under the fingers, finishing off the piece with a fiery flash of power*.

*Horn part in recording has optional 8va sections that younger students do not have to play!


"A River Lullaby"  (2012)

(Live Recording - James Naigus, horn and Drew Phillips, piano)



A work that embodies the flowing gentleness of a river, winding serenely through the wilderness and gradually tumbling with rougher and rougher waters before finishing with a beautiful soaring melody that illustrates a wash into the open ocean.  This piece is for the advanced hornist with two accompanied recitatives and extended, flowing phrases.


"Suite for Horn and Piano" (2012)

(Live Recording - James Naigus, horn and Drew Phillips, piano)

I. Falling Asleep:

II. Flying:


Composed of two movements, entitled "Falling Asleep" and "Flying."  This work gives vision to a person who falls into a restful sleep after a tiring day, giving way to a lively embodiment of a "flying" dream that sends the listener soaring through clouds and over the landscape.  This piece requires advanced technical ability and endurance to play extended phrases.


"Six Studies in English Folk Song" by R. Vaughan-Williams, arr. by Drew Phillips (2011)


An arrangement of Vaughan-Wililams' work for cello that compliments the horn through the six movements that Vaughan-Williams says to "be treated with love."  The movements and folk songs used include:

I. Lovely on the Water

II. Spurn Point

III. Van Dieman's Land

IV. She Borrowed Some of her Mother's Gold

V. The Lady and the Dragon

VI. As I walked over London Bridge





"Jest for Solo Horn" (2013)

(Live Recording - Drew Phillips, horn)


This unaccompanied piece is perfect for beginners just getting into the study of working on musicality on a solo work.  The range exists between an octave and a half, from g to c-sharp^2, and many options can be taken to extend the range for a challenge.  The short solo features a fast-slow-fast form that beginners can use to practice finding a story to identify with and get comfortable changing moods and styles in a given piece.





"Radiance for Two Horns and Brass Ensemble" (2014) 

(Live Recording - Radovan Vlatkovich and Robert Ward, solo horns and Bay Brass)

(Click here for score preview)

*Also available with Horn Duet and Piano reduction!



This new work was written for horn virtuosos Radovan Vlatkovic and Robert Ward to act as soloists with the Bay Brass Ensemble in the summer of 2014 at the Summer Brass Institute at Menlo Park Music Festival.  The work was premiered on July 14, 2014 at the Bay Brass' Concert on the Stanford University campus in Palo Alto, California.  The work features a riveting motive in the horn part that opens the work, and permeates throughout the piece, trading off with the ensemble accompanying and enhancing the radiant brass sounds.  A piano reduction of the work is also available for performance!



"Harrowing Sky for Trumpet, Horn, and Piano" (2018) NEW!  

(Live recording coming soon!)

I. "Presaging, ominous clouds endlessly roll..."

II. " a somber, solemn raindrop simply falls..."

III. "...heralding the break of daylight."

This commission was funded in part by the Meir Rimon Commissioning Assistance Program of the International Horn Society for the Conspiratus Brass Duo, Drs. Kiirsi Maunula Johnson, horn and Jim Johnson, trumpet.  This piece depicts a swirling, ominous storm in the first movement that dissolves into a sad solitary rain in the second and finally breaks with the sun coming up in a giant blaze in the third movement.  This piece was premiered at the 2018 Midwest Horn Workshop by the Conspiratus Brass Duo at the University of Central Arkansas.


"Odyssey for Horn, Tuba, and Piano" (2016) 

*Also available for two horns and piano!*

This piece was commissioned by Dr. Maria Serkin and Dr. Mark Norman at the University of North Carolina School of Arts in Winston-Salem, NC.  The instrumentation for this commission was extremely well timed as I had just begun working on Gary Kulesha's Sonata for Horn, Tuba, and Piano, and the sound of it influenced the writing and texture of the piece.  The piece is entitled Odyssey because a student of mine (on first and preliminary listen when the work was completed) claimed "It sounds like a prelude to Homer's The Odyssey!" With that specific of an association, it was only natural to name it as it is!  The piece is 7'30 in length in ABA form, and utilities some extreme ranges of both horn and tuba.  This was premiered on November 8th, 2016 at the University of North Carolina School of the Arts.



"Three Spaces for Four Horns" (2014) 

I. Small Space:

II. Dance Space:

III. Broad Space


This work was written to be premiered at the University of North Carolina-Greensboro Horn Choir Concert in November of 2014.  The three movements are based on intervallic material and meant to be played by young quartets of students, also working well with a horn ensemble and multiple people on one part.





"Oops!" for Horn Quintet (2010)

(Click here for score preview)


This humorous compilation of famous horn orchestral excerpts and notable pieces is great for a crowd-pleasing ensemble work.  Highlights from famous works include Tchaikovsky's Fourth, Siegfried's Rhine Journey, Pictures at an Exhibition, Shostakovich's Fifth, Ein Heldenleben, Till Eulenspiegel, Star Wars, Schumann's Konzertstucke for Four Horns and the 1812 Overture.  Needs very independent players on each part.  Premiered at the University of North Carolina-Greensboro's John Philip Sousa Concert as a part of "Showing Off Before Company."




"Still Waters for Horn Octet" (2018) NEW!


This piece was premiered on August 3rd, 2018 at Ball State University at the International Horn Symposium.  The piece was written to be premiered in a concert for presenting brand new pieces for horn choir repertoire.  When writing this piece, I wanted to create something peaceful sounding and colorful, accentuating the tones and mellow sounds you can get from a horn choir.  I have been camping for the vast majority of my life and there is nothing more serene to me than sitting by a body of water early in the morning or late in the evening where the water is as smooth as glass and everything is still.  Imagining that, I set out to write something that naturally evolves from a single tone to more complex and colorful harmonies throughout, but always flowing and smooth.  This piece is meant to sound relaxing and tranquil, and shows off the beautiful sounds of the horn in colorful polyphony.

"Exultant Fanfare for Horn Octet" (2016) 



This quickly-paced octet alternates between an arpeggiated motive to fanfare a thrilling opening and a seamless blend of interweaving lines  The piece features musical opportunities for every player with soloistic lines.  This piece won the Composition Contest at the 2016 Northeastern Horn Workshop at the University of Indiana-Pennsylvania and was performed by artists on the final concert.



"Por Una Cabeza" for Horn Octet by C. Gardel, arr. by Drew Phillips (2012)​



This arrangement of Carlos Gardel's famous tango from the movie True Lies and Scent of a Woman is an energetic work for horn octet.  The work is arranged for two quartets (horns 1-4 and 5-8) that feature each of the top two horns as the soloists and virtuosic parts.  This was premiered by the University of North Carolina-Greensboro Horn Choir at the Southeast Horn Workshop in Richmond, Virginia and performed at Kendall Betts Horn Camp in the summer of 2013.





"Menuet Antique" by M. Ravel, arr. by Drew Phillips (2012)

(Click here for score preview)



This arrangment from Ravel's piano work is for an advanced woodwind quintet looking to expand repertoire.  This arrangement compliments the woodwind colors in respect to Ravel's chords and melodic writing and easily could fill out a chamber or solo recital.



"Hunting" for Woodwind Quintet (2012)

(Click here for score preview)



This original work is for the advanced woodwind quintet meant to evoke a story of hunting through the rainforest for an animal, coming across natives of the jungle and a whirling chase scene to an ambiguous end.  The work features a motive in the bassoon part that permeates the entire piece, ending by being inverted in the final moments of the piece to give a new flavor to the music.





Catamaran for Brass Choir (2013)- 2 tpt, 2 hn, 2 tbn, 1 eph/tuba


This work was written for the Summer Brass Institute's High School Ensemble.  The work begins in a slowly written adagio, speeding up and culminating through builds to a giant cluster chord before emerging into a lively ostinato in the horn parts.  The piece ends quietly with a "morse code" type of staccato statement after erupting in giant chords with the entire ensemble.  Premiered at the Summer Brass Institute in San Francisco, California in the summer of 2013.





Motivic Moments for Low Brass Trio (2013)

(International Low Brass Trio: Jeff Dittmer-horn, Gabe Cruz-trombone, Jess Rodda-tuba)

I. Preluding Moment

II. Unbridled Moment

III. Recitative and Hymn Moment

IV. Building Moment

V. Final Moment



This piece was composed for the International Low Brass Trio, a chamber ensemble based in San Francisco, California.  The work features five movements, several of which are seamless in performance.  It is based upon a motive first heard in the prelude by the hornist and varied in different styles throughout the piece in short, stylistic moments.  This work features a vast amount of syncopation and layering throughout the piece.  It's premiere is by the International Low Brass Trio in recital at the San Francisco Conservatory of Music on October 15, 2013.




Catamaran (2013)

(Click here for score preview)



This piece is based on the septet written for the Summer Brass Institute, however has been massively expanded into a full concert band work.  The work is approximately seven-plus minutes and uses the full colors of the wind band to enhance the performance of the piece.  It begins with a slow adagio section and culminates to a rapid ostinato and lively melody lines.  The piece ends with with a grand return of the beginning adagio section in large chords and ending with an extremely fast coda section.  For an advanced concert band.



"Por Una Cabeza" by C. Gardel, arr. for Concert Band by Drew Phillips

(Click here for score preview)


This arrangement for full concert band is based on Carlos Gardel's tango from True Lies and Scent of a Woman and was premiered in Eldora, IA by the South Hardin High School band under the direction of Mr. Wayne Lu.  Based on the horn octet arrangement, this work is for intermediate concert band with large amounts of doublings throughout sections to make up for what a band may lack in instrumentation.



The Stars and Stripes Forever by J. P. Sousa, arr. for Young Concert Band by Drew Phillips

(Click here for score preview)


This famous  Sousa piece is heard frequently at Fourth of July celebrations every year.  It has been arranged for concert band on a much easier level with respect to younger students' levels of playing so that they can enjoy and appreciate playing well-known literature with they skill they have in their first few years of playing.